Health in the city
Health is not a subject which has only become particularly important today, in the twenty-first century; it has »always« played a major role in everyday city life.

Düsseldorf IN – Doctors in discussion
There have only been five events – and already »Düsseldorf IN« – Doctors in Discussion – has become an institution!

The word »Ayurveda« means in translation the knowledge of life or the science of a long life.

Fat is not just fat
Fat is unhealthy and makes you overweight? Yes, but there are foods which also contain very healthy fats.

How vegetables can be made tasty for children
Children need vegetables for healthy development. But many parents despair because their children refuse to eat their »greens«.

Orthodontics – New aspects
Demand for orthodontic treatment has risen continuously over recent years. While patients are demanding ever better aesthetics and functionality, they also, of course, want to enjoy having healthy and well-cared teeth for longer.

Anyone can quickly find themselves in a situation where they can no longer decide about everyday matters or medical things on their own responsibility.