A crown only for kings?
When a tooth is largely destroyed and a filling is no longer enough to preserve it, the root may, however, still be healthy and sufficiently well anchored in the bone.

Naturally beautiful?
Since 2005, surgeon Dr. med. Janken Hoffmann has performed over 1,000 breast operations. Legally speaking, you do not need special training for breastimplant operations; any licensed physician can perform the operations, so it is up to the doctor to get training and experience in the area. Dr. med. Janken Hoffmann was fortunate to have a teacher who taught her everything.

Dr. Börchers explains...
It was actually been expected back in 2013 but it took its time. And now it’s finally here: the DIN EN 15224:2012 European management system standard has been »activated« by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS).

Custody: The godparents will handle that, won’t they?
Who looks after underage children when the parents are unable to or no longer there? Many people believe that they automatically go to close relations or godparents. But that’s not necessarily so.

When the sniffles come
It has come to the point where 20% of adults in Germany and 13% of children suffer from hay fever. This seasonal allergic rhinitis takes the form an inflammation of the nasal and pharyngeal mucous membranes and the conjunctiva.

Hypnosis means to focus attention on a single point so as to anchor goals in the subconscious and harmonize internal processes.

Seasonal prodigy
A healthy diet is essential to a healthy body. But our stressful everyday lives incline us to go after that fast food snack rather than a green salad. Phillip Plessmann from the crazyspoon cookery school in Nuremberg reveals why we should nonetheless keep an eye on what we eat.